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It closed on
September 18, 2021 (Sat).

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BSides Orlando 2021 - Byte Size

Chompy has taken over BSides Orlando this year and there are gonna be some changes!

This year instead of talks/presentations you have a chance to be paired up with a teammate and coach to attempt to tackle a specially designed challenge within an allotted timeframe. Neither you nor the coach will be prepped as to the actual challenge.

We can't change the Title, Abstract / Description, or Notes to the Planning Committee fields in the CFP software to fit the Call for Participants format. 'Lil Chompy broke something and when we asked him to fix it he said, "You're interrupting my sunbathing time." So instead for each area...

The four areas are: Physical, Hardware, Reverse Engineering and Cloud & Kubernetes. The challenges may potentially contain elements like the below:

You are not expect to be an expert in any of the areas, however, you should consider applying for areas where you have at least some exposure or very basic knowledge. Example: You don't need to know how solder SMD components, but you would want to know what they are and why they are different.

Instead of submitting a normal talk proposal, Chompy is changing it up and wants for you to submit a video of you telling us why you would make a good participant

For the video:

The BSides Orlando Staff and Volunteers will select contestants and notify them confirming their available. The selection criteria will be fairly qualitative and based on the overall quality your submission. Don't just say why you will be a good contestant... show us! Have fun with it and show us why you will make the event fun and educational for everyone involved.